Circa 2016; Latacunga, Ecuador. Two men resting before a day of celebration.

I have a restless soul. There. I said it. Well, I wrote it, and I’m embracing it. From a very young age, the realm of the foreign has captured my attention so entirely that it has permeated every aspect of my life. The great majority of my friends hail from a range of homelands, and their perspectives help shape my own. I place myself in the way of exploration in every instance I can, and my dedication to learning all that I can about other cultures extends so far into my personality that it is almost an identifier. Foreign Roots is my effort to further pursue these endeavours. For ages I have been sitting - no, dancing - on the tightrope that connects one locale to another, and below me has been that ever-tempting, sweet, sweet lifestyle of travel blogger. Can you imagine it? A truly dreamy life in which you are virtually paid to visit stunning places, take photos that will instill emerald-green envy in every instagram follower you capture, and know that your every word is part of a captivating tale of adventure. It seems so ideal. Yet, no matter how hard I have tried in the past to muster up the dedication, desire, network to live such a life I have fallen short. It seems to me that the internet is seeped in wanna-be-travel-blogs, insta-travel-grammers, and those super rad Go-Pro Athletes who make life look like one big adrenaline rush. I have plenty of friends who run travel blogs, for a wide audience or just friends and family, and (don’t get me wrong, I love them all so much) I just have never been able to really jump onto that bandwagon. I love storytelling, and I love sharing experiences, but I have never seen it as something of a successful path for myself. I also fail to make use of them when I am abroad. Enter this personal project: Foreign Roots, the podcast for the culturally- curious traveller. It’s not another blog telling you all the cool things I’ve done (I’m happy to share! Seriously. Ask. I’ll gush to ANYONE), but rather it is a gateway, a tool, for those of you on off-beat, off-the-radar-even-just-a-little, journeys. Destination Guides are a more extensive guide to mistakes and successes (and some cool suggestions) for unique places. Bonus! I’ll do my best to include directions and advise, so you can avoid the problems I’ve run into. Each episode will seek to encourage your explorative soul, and to spread the love for culture, the epitome of human intellect.